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Masdar City

Created in 2008, Masdar City, which combines ancient Arabic architectural techniques with modern technology and captures prevailing (naturally cooler and more comfortable during the high summer temperatures), embarked on a daring journey to develop the world’s most sustainable eco-city.

Through smart investments, Masdar City is successfully pioneering a “green print” for how cities can accommodate rapid urbanization and dramatically reduce energy, water and waste.

Masdar uses clean energy generated on site from rooftop solar technology and one of the largest photovoltaic installations in the Middle East. The city is growing its neighborhoods around the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, a research university dedicated to cutting-edge solutions in the fields of energy and sustainability. The institute is Masdar City’s nucleus, which extends a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the area. Companies can foster close ties with the university and partner to spark economic growth and accelerate breakthrough technologies to market.

Masdar City, it is on its way to realising its vision. But this is only the beginning. Masdar City continues to add new businesses, schools, restaurants, apartments and much more, creating the diversity of any major, modern city. After completion, more than 40,000 people will live in Masdar City, with an additional 50,000 commuting every day to work and study.

Business benefits in Masdar City:

  • The freedom to operate with 100 percent foreign ownership and no partner in the United Arab Emirates;
  • The ability to move capital and profits outside the UAE without restrictions;
  • No import tariffs, corporate taxes or individual taxes;
  • Zero currency restrictions;
  • And a strong framework of intellectual property protection.

Types of company formation available in Masdar City:

  • Types of company formation available in Masdar City:
  • A Branch of a foreign / offshore company.
  • A Branch of a UAE-based company (including companies incorporated in other UAE Free Zones.

Lease types:

  1. Land:

    Developers have the option to lease land (Musataha) for a period of 99 years and develop projects suited to community living (schools, shopping malls, hotels etc.).

  2. Design-Construct-Lease (DCL):

    Firms can partner with Masdar through the design process to deliver a superior building; thus, catering to the firm’s specific requirements whilst showcasing its commitment to both the Masdar initiative and its own green credentials.

  3. Office / Retail space (Shell & Core):

    Client can lease the office / retail space and carry out the fit-out works that suit their operational requirements.

Business categories permitted:

  • Renewable Energy.
  • Clean Tech & ICT.
  • Marketing and Events.
  • Human Resources Development.
  • Energy Industry.
  • Healthcare Services.
  • Service Providers.
  • Property Development Services.
  • Regional Head Quarters, Trading and Holding Companies.
  • Business Centre and Data Centres.
  • Community Services (Retail, Food and Beverage outlets) Oil and Gas Services.

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