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Kizad's world class infrastructure, transportation and logistics options, as well as its low operating cost environment not only promote business efficiency they also make it easier for you to achieve your business goals. However at Kizad support for your business starts even before your operations begin.

Abu Dhabi Ports is a master developer and manager of ports and industrial zones in Abu Dhabi. It was created in March 2006 as part of the restructuring of Abu Dhabi’s commercial ports sector and acquired the assets of the Abu Dhabi Seaports Authority. Today, the company manages ten commercial, logistics, community and leisure ports, including its flagship, state-of-the-art, deepwater Khalifa Port.

It is also developing Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD), Khalifa Port’s trade and logistics hub. With 90% of global trade travelling by sea, Abu Dhabi Ports plays a key role linking Abu Dhabi to global markets and facilitating the diversification of the Emirate’s economy by enabling economic development and the movement of goods, equipment and materials. It enhances the vibrancy of the economy through ports that are efficient and cost-eff¬ective, an industrial zone that provides world-class infrastructure and dedicated investor support, subsidiaries and group companies that deliver excellent services to the maritime and industrial zones sectors.

Benefits of establishing a company in Abu Dhabi Ports:

A Central Location

Situated in the heart of strong growth markets, including the Middle East, Africa and South Asia regions, Abu Dhabi off¬ers access to approximately 4.5 billion consumers within four-time zones.

Ease of Doing Business

The ports of Abu Dhabi Ports and KIZAD provide a streamlined, straightforward set-up and operating environment by working with government agencies to minimize paperwork and procedures.

Cost Advantages

Customers enjoy competitive fees for using the ports and facilities of Abu Dhabi Ports, as well as efficient high-tech infrastructure in the ports, notably the semi-automated container terminal at Khalifa Port.

Industry Stewardship

Beyond the company gates, Abu Dhabi Ports works with organizations, government departments and other entities impacting the local logistics industry to ensure materials and goods move through the Emirate in the most efficient and cost e¬ffective way.

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