Dubai Biotech Research Park

Dubai Biotech (DuBiotech) - advancing the business of science

Are you looking to start business in Dubai Biotech Free Zone? Dubai Biotechnology Research Park Freezone is known as a big appeal for many countries everywhere in the world. The Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech) is a science and Business Park dedicated to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and is modelled on the free zone concept.

A member of Dubai Holding, DuBiotech will accommodate the biotechnology industry and facilitate government funded R&D. DuBiotech’s world-class infrastructure includes facilities and services for incubators, R&D labs, biotech-related educational and research institutions, manufacturing as well as organisations from supporting and convergent industries.

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Dubai Auto Zone was established with the objective of re-exporting cars to the Asian and African region where demand continues to grow.

‘Dubai Biotech’ accommodates the entire life sciences value chain by providing key facilities, investing in infrastructure and fostering industrial, academic, commercial and residential projects.

One of the greatest advantages of the Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park is that it allows full foreign ownership. Our company registration advisors in Dubai can offer detailed information on the requirements related to starting a free zone company in Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park. 

Also, it offers a unique business environment with advanced infrastructure, support services, freedom of capital movement, tax-free income and easy access to different markets. The park incorporates tailored facilities that include bio headquarter towers, a nucleotide lab complex and warehousing facilities to support a growing body of research, development, manufacturing, distribution and services. DuBiotech, which is actively building affiliations and alliances with distinguished universities, specialist hospitals and world regulatory bodies, fosters companies including global leaders like Pfizer, Amgen, Merck Serono and Genzyme. 

Dubai Biotech Research Park - Company Formation

A mixture of incentives that creates DuBiotech provides a unique business environment for companies to start in the park. In addition, with the tax-free environment, DuBiotech already attracted key players from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as businessmen, drug manufacturers, and industry business support services. DuBiotech offers the necessary infrastructure for companies in the life sciences, including hazardous waste; customs support logistics and distribution activities, as well as centralized facilities for research and development work. All companies located in DuBiotech are regulated by international standards rules. Additional suggestions include ensuring the future presence of Life Sciences University graduates programs and BioTiqania, Institute of Continuing Education for scientific training courses and certifications. DuBiotech active construction of branches and alliances with distinguished universities, specialized hospitals, the world governing bodies and other research parks to tie DuBiotech community with the global biotechnology industry. Companies registered in the park or under it offer a unique bouquet of commercial benefits and incentives as a result of their free zone status.

Free zone Benefits:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of profits
  • 100% tax exemption
  • Easy Integration with minimal formalities
  • The long-term land lease, guaranteed 50 years exemption from personal, income and corporate taxes modern IT and telecommunications infrastructure

Activities Include:
Pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, laboratory research, biotechnology, supply and manufacture of medical devices, biotechnology, medicine, industry, environment, nutraceutical. In addition, the Free zone may register companies providing related services, such as restaurants, shops, laundry and more.

Dubiotech is a structure that gathers in one place everything needed for the operation and development of companies in the field of biotechnology. A unique world-class laboratory facilities area of 256 000 square feet and 25 warehouses area of 5 000 square feet each, offices and land for development. All buildings on the territory of the free zone are certified LEED (The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

Licensing options in Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

Research activities

Industrial activity
Import and Re-export

Service activities

Community organizations

Types of companies in DuBiotech

FZ-LLC (New Incorporation of a Free Zone Limited Liability Company)
Branch of a foreign company
Branch of a local company      

Terms and conditions for setting up a business in Dubai Biotech Research Park Free Zone

- 100% foreign ownership of capital
- Self-distribution of profits and capital
- Full exemption from taxes for 50 years
- No customs duties on goods and services

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